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How Well Security Cameras Deter Crime

Security cameras are an effective tool for catching crooks. However, how do security cameras deter crime? It’s not only about getting a video of the deed. It’s about informing someone that if they do a crime, they will be caught and held accountable. When businesses have security cameras with good coverage, especially ones that are difficult to disable or tamper with, it can deter thieves while keeping everyone else on their toes.

Here, we’ll look at the psychology of security cameras, what makes them useful, and how you can make the most of them to keep your own property safe.

The Psychology Behind Security Cameras

Security camera psychology can be just as significant as successful as the monitoring equipment itself. A recent study looked at how effective security cameras are at deterring crime on their own, as well as the impact of signage identifying the cameras. Security camera signage was determined to be a particularly effective deterrent in the study.

Although not every possible thief will be looking for security cameras, the signage increases the chances of them being detected. Security camera labelling also clearly suggests that the cameras are being actively watched.

Security Cameras are the Most Effective Burglar Deterrent

A recent study conducted interviews with 422 past burglars to learn from their habits and strategies to better prepare for future theft. Security cameras were found to be the most effective deterrent in deterring them from committing their crimes, according to a survey.

If a residence had security cameras, up to 60% of them would be persuaded not to rob it. Over half of those polled claimed that discovering security cameras would lead to the burglary being called off.

So, how effective are security cameras in deterring crime? Yes, installing security cameras reduces your chances of being robbed by more than half.

Hiring uniformed security who have completed SIA training ensures that they are completely aware of the hazards and can provide vital health and safety support when and where it is needed. A security guard that has completed First Aid training would be an extra plus.

Workers are considerably more likely to feel comfortable and protected in a safer working environment, which could help prevent accidents. 

Law Enforcement Acknowledges the Value of Security Cameras

Law enforcement agencies understand the importance of surveillance cameras in their operations. Security footage is frequently used by police to apprehend suspects in vandalism, theft, robbery, and other crimes. When you put a security camera in your business, you have access to evidence that can assist the authorities in their investigations. The type of security cameras you employ, where they’re situated, and the quality of the footage they collect all play a role in whether your security cameras help police apprehend criminals.

Security Cameras Deter Both External and Internal Crime

Do surveillance cameras at a business reduce crime? They do, according to studies. According to a recent report on workplace monitoring and surveillance, up to 82 percent of managers use some type of electronic monitoring in the office, with security cameras accounting for most of such systems.

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