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Five things to consider when planning your security strategy

1. The location of your company

Consider your area crime rate as a starting point for developing your approach. The rate of crime varies greatly across the country, but it also varies depending on where your company is located. The crime rates in an out-of-town industrial development will be substantially different from those in the metropolis. Is your company located in a distant area outside of town or within a housing estate? We can help you understand how each of these areas may affect your security risk.

2. The size of your business

When it comes to security, small firms may have budget or support challenges, but huge businesses may lose track of keyholders or lack consistency in locking up. Both can be problematic, and we can discuss alternatives that are appropriate for your company’s size.

3. Your industry

E-commerce warehouses with massive amounts of inventory and manufacturing plants with sophisticated gear may appear to be quite different industries, yet both could be appealing targets if security is lax. The nature of your industry may influence the type of security that is best suggested, and we can offer advice based on our years of experience in the field.

4. Who has access to your business premises?

When we talk about access, we’re referring to both security codes and keys. Do you have a group of trusted keyholders,

or can Carter Security help with that? When was the last time you changed your access codes, and do you change them if a member of your staff departs the company? We can look through your present procedures and provide you advice on how to keep your company safe.

5. We can accommodate your budget

We can work within your budget to give you with the security that works for your business because every security contract is tailored to our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff for additional information on how we can provide a dependable security service. We eagerly await your response.

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